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Shinkido Karate Grading.

There is an old Japanese saying; from 10,000 comes 1.

As Bruce Lee once quoted, 'fear a man who practices 1 kick 10,000 times'... often I am asked by students, how do I get better at Karate? My reply is usually, the more time you spend on the mat the more experience you will have, and this experience you take with you to train and practice wherever you are.

Think of a compound effect: you do 1 kick 10 times a day, in a month you have done 300 kicks, but if you gave 10 minutes a day on that same kick you could do 300 plus kicks each day; that's 10,000 in a month. From 10,000 comes 1 with understanding.

Shinkido Martial Arts Grading Seminars are about it's students showing their understanding of our structured syllabus, we do not ask for lots of Kata / Waza at the White to Green belt stages, this is for the more experienced, long term Karateka. We consider the White - Green belt stage of learning absolutely paramount to development, where from 1 comes 10,000 and from 10,000 comes 1.

Our grading syllabus requirement is listed below for White to Green belts, please practice diligently as it is the only road to understanding.

A follow along video will be available later this week by way of Login, to access this, there is a small one off fee of £5, please either talk to Bruce Payne or contact by email for your access login code.

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