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Ryan Perkins


An amazing dojo with a friendly atmosphere and a real focus on the individual. I have been training here for over 5 years now and it has had a huge impact on my fitness, mental health and way of life. Sensei Bruce Payne and everyone at Shinkido are always welcoming and want to help you be the best version of yourself. Great martial arts, great philosophy and a great way to learn a traditional art. There is something for everyone from fitness and self defence to wellbeing and health. I would highly recommend trying a free lesson just to see what Sensei Bruce Payne and everyone at Shinkido can offer.

Michael Cunningham

Sensei Bruce Payne is an excellent instructor, before we get to his core subject! Not everyone who can, can teach. Mr. Payne, however, excels in both. Whatever your age, ability or physical condition he will enable you to be the best YOU can be, so long as you commit to meeting him half way. I have studied martial arts for over 40 years, and have had the benefit of some wonderful instructors over the years (and one or two less so!), but Bruce takes you deeper into the ART, way past just the physical. He can't do the work for you, but he encourages and guides you on your personal journey.


This dojo only operates small classes which means you get a more individual experience. The teachers are experienced, encouraging and inspiring; it's a fun, interesting way to keep fit and forever learn. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟


A brilliant karate club with focused teaching and a welcoming atmosphere. It provides health for both mind and body with regular classes in kata, floor work and fundamentals. ***** (5 stars)(out of 5)

Kerry Moore

Mark Forry  recommends Shinkido Martial Arts - Karate.

Having been a student at this martial arts dojo I can not recommend it enough. This was the real karate / martial arts club I was seeking. Sensei Bruce really cares about the students and their development. The balance between self defence and self development was great. The small classes compared to sports centre equivalents really mattered (one on one on occasions). From one press up and a beer belly when I started to a fitter and more confident individual now was worth the effort. I hope to return soon when working back near the club.

Some Bloke

Now in my 14th year training at Shinkido Martial Arts academy, it's been a great pleasure to journey from a novice at this school to become one of the teachers.

I had trained previously, and had been lucky enough to train with very high ranking Japanese and British instructors. When I moved into the area many years ago I was looking for somewhere to train and looked at a lot of the other local schools. I was very disappointed in what I saw based on my previous experience.

From the outset at Shinkido although it was a different style from my previous training (hence my comment earlier on being a "novice at this school"), I knew the quality of teaching was exceptional, and in keeping with my previous experience. In the early days I even asked questions I knew the answer to to see if I would get the correct answer, or just rubbish. I always got the correct answer.

As mentioned in other comments, the classes are small, and you are taught as an individual as you can be assessed during the lesson on a personal level, and not just part of a large group where you can only be taught as a group. There is no ego in the room, and your class mates become friends as well as training partners.

If you are thinking about starting training, then give Shinkido a look. You never know, in 14 years you may be writing something similar...

Emma P

Since training here I have gained alot of confidence and feel more able to defend myself if necessary. At Shinkido you are not just taught how to fight in a competition, but how to defend yourself in the street if you ever need to.

Each session is enjoyable and is a good way to get out and do something different.

Everyone who trains here is friendly and welcoming. When I first joined I was one of the youngest in the room, but did not feel intimidated as everyone is willing to help you understand and be the best that you can be.

I'm glad I decided to start training here as I think it will encourage me to carry on for as long as I can.


Arthur Negulici

Best place to learn self defence and to build up self confidence.

Owen Morris

Being a smaller school, the instructors at Shinkido are able to coach you on a personal level, so rather than just being put through the syllabus as you would do in a larger academy, your training here will be more personalised to your individual needs. So if you have a particular technique you are struggling with, or an injury that needs looking after, then this will be taken into account during lessons.
The lesson content is excellent, drawing on years of experience from the instructors in a variety of martial arts - which is why it is hard to describe Shinkido as a particular style of karate, or even to define it as karate itself! There are elements of aikido, muay thai, boxing, ju-jitsu and self defence, all simplified to a point where even after a few training sessions you would be confident using them if the unfortunate situation arose where you needed to.
The atmosphere in the dojo is great; helpful and supportive and most importantly respectful of all those who step through the doors. If I could sum up the philosophy in a short sound bite, it would be that it is traditional values tailored to a modern world.

Steve Dymoke


If you want routine Martial Arts training or want to get into MMA then look elsewhere. This place is all about understanding oneself, the connection between mind and body and how best to gain synergy, expression, confidence, harmony and peace.